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Dog training in  worcestershire, herefordshire and gloucestershire
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  Residential Training - from £600 for a two week stay  *includes 1 day owner training or 2 half days

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    General adult dog training - £125 per day


One to one provides:
  • Fast track training, giving owners and dogs the maximum attention possible.
  • Ideal conditions to help owners of rescue dogs, and any dogs unhappy or over excited when in proximity to other dogs.
  • Allows owners to concentrate on training which is relevant to their particular needs.
  • Can be arranged at times convenient to the owner, not necessarily to a fixed schedule.
  • The length of time of a one to one visit starts at two hours, and can continue according to need.

Clicker Training

Practical use and principles of operant and classical conditioning including the clicker training game. See Master Class

Dog Training Games

All my training incorporates games, but this is all games! Ideal for nervous dogs recovering from harsh training.

Unwanted Behaviour

‘Nutty but nice dog’ working on specific personal training difficulties & owners specific goals. Training offered in a relaxed environment.
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  Training specifically to address behaviour in the presence of livestock - £125 per day
  (The number of training days can vary between one and four days according to need)

Sheep Worrying or Sheep Chasing.....Teaching dogs to ignore all livestock is my particular expertise!

Hooligan hounds in the countryside learn self-control without the use of shock-collars or sheep attack! For  teaching dogs to ignore livestock the alternatives available are:

sheep worrying sheep worrying course    
See my appearance on Midlands Today

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